About Us


Our values which are also core to the organizational strategy are as follows

We are committed standardisers who operate in a transparent and accountable manner.
We perform our duties with honesty, professionalism & integrity.
We are responsive to our market and customer needs.
We are committed to excellent performance and delivery.

We recognise diversity and promote team effort.

We support employee development.

A Brief History

Eswatini Standards Authority (SWASA) was formed by the Government of Eswatini through the Quality and Standards Act (10) 2003, and is a parastatal under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade. This Act gives SWASA the mandate of promoting standards and quality in local industry, commerce and the public sector and also empowers the Authority to be the sole custodian of all issues regarding standards and quality in Eswatini. The move to establish SWASA was in-line with regional and international trends brought about by World Trade Organisation (WTO) initiatives aimed at eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, and creating a neutral platform that will promote trade of quality goods and services across countries and economic blocks. Besides opening up global opportunities for trade, standardisation also ensures that imported and locally manufactured goods are not harmful to human and animal lives and the environment.