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This notice serves to inform the public that the following draft Swaziland National Standards (SZNS) are now available for commenting. The standards as well as the comment forms are available HERE or clicking the codes below, your nearest library and at the Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) Information Centre upon request. The Public Review Comment Form is available HERE


  1. PRD/SZNS 018:2012 Kerosene for domestic heating and illuminating
  2. PRD/SZNS 022:2013 Occupational first aid – Basic requirements
  3. PRD/ SZNS 029-1:2013 The production of reconditioned firefighting equipment Part 1: Portable and wheeled (mobile) rechargeable fire extinguishers
  4. PRD/SZNS 039:2013 Effluents – Tolerance limits for discharge into inland surface waters
  5. PRD/SZNS 047:2013 Agave sisalana ointment - Method of preparation
  6. PRD/SZNS 048: 2014 Incinerators- Specification
  7. PRD/SZNS 049:2014 Maize grains- Specification
  8. PRD/SZNS 050:2014 The production of sorghum beer
  9. PRD/SZNS 051:2014 Milk handling – Hygiene requirements
  10. PRD/SZNS BOS 43:2001 Onion - Specification
  11. PRD/SZNS BOS 59:2002 Potato – Grading requirements
  12. PRD/SZNS BOS 430:2012  Carrots - Grading requirements
  13. PRD/SZNS BOS 471:2012 Butternut - Grading requirements
  14. PRD/SZNS BOS 531:2012 Beetroot - Grading requirements
  15. PRD/SZNS BOS 27:2000 Concrete masonry units
  16. PRD/SZNS EAS 31:2011  Standard for laundry soap - bar
  17. PRD/SZNS CRS 16:2010  Specification for botanical cosmetics
  18. PRD/SZNS SANS 204:2011 Energy efficiency in buildings
  19. PRD/SZNS SANS 1311:2007 Metal Clisco windows
  20. PRD/SZNS SANS 10124:2006  The application of soil insecticides for the protection of buildings
  21. PRD/SZNS SANS 10105-1:2010 The use and control of firefighting equipment – Portable and wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishers
  22. PRD/SZNS SANS 10177-1:2005 Fire testing of materials, components and elements used in buildings Part 1: General introduction to the methods of test
  23. PRD/SZNS SANS 1518:2011 Transport of dangerous goods – design, construction, testing, approval and maintenance of road vehicles and portable tanks
  24. PRD/SZNS SANS 10228:2012 The identification and classification of dangerous goods for transport by road and rail modes
  25. PRD/SZNS SANS 10232-3:2011 Transport of dangerous goods – Emergency information systems Part 3: Emergency response guide
  26. PRD/SZNS SANS 10232-1:2007 Transport of dangerous goods – Emergency information systems Part 1: Emergency information systems for road transportation
  27. PRD/SZNS SANS 1935:2011 Automotive biodiesel – Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) for diesel engines – Requirements and test methods
  28. PRD/SZNS SANS 1545-2:2009 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Part 2: Hydraulic lifts
  29. PRD/SZNS SANS 1186-1: 2011 Symbolic safety Signs Part 1: Standard signs and general requirements
  30. PRD/SZNS SANS 1329-1:2004 Retro-Reflective and Fluorescent Warning Signs For Road Vehicles, Part 1: Triangles
  31. PRD/SZNS SANS 1329 -2:2004 Retro-Reflective and Fluorescent Warning Signs For Road Vehicles, Part 2: Abnormal load vehicle signs
  32. PRD/SZNS SANS 16001:2013 Wellness and Disease management system
  33. PRD/SZNS IEC 60364-5-52:2011 Low voltage electrical installations - Part 5-52: Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment - Wiring Systems
  34. PRD/SZNS ISO 19101:2002 Geographic Information - Reference Model
  35. PRD/SZNS ISO/ TS 19103:2005  Geographic Information - Conceptual Schema Language
  36. PRD/SZNS ISO/TS 19104:2008  Geographic Information - Terminology
  37. PRD/SZNS ISO 19105:2005 Geographic Information – Conformance and Testing
  38. PRD/SZNS ISO 19106:2004  Geographic Information - Profiles
  39. PRD/SZNS ISO 21469:2006 Safety of machinery – Lubricants with incidental product contact – Hygiene requirements
  40. PRD/SZNS ISO 21187:2004 Quantitative determination of bacteriological quality of milk
  41. PRD/SZNS ISO 16050:2003 Foodstuffs- Determination of Aflatoxins B1 and the total content of aflatoxin B2, G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High performance liquid chromatographic methods
  42. PRD/SZNS ISO 817:2005 Refrigerants –Designation system
  43. PRD/SZNS ISO 21542:2011 Building construction - Accessibility and usability of the built environment
  44. PRD/SZNS ISO 8358:1991 Standard for preparation of samples for chemical and physical analysis of fertilizer
  45. PRD/SZNS ISO 10282: 2002 Single-use sterile rubber surgical gloves Specification
  46. PRD/SZNS ISO 22870:2006 Point-of-care testing (POCT) -- Requirements for quality and competence
  47. PRD/SZNS ISO 26000: 2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  48. PRD/SZNS ISO 39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety (RTS) management system - Requirements with guidance for use
  49. PRD/ SZNS ISO 10002:2004 Quality Management – customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
  50. PRDS/SZNS ISO 4259:2006 Petroleum products – Determination and application of precision data in relation to method of test


The circulation of the standards will start on 1 April 2014 and will end on 31 May 2014. SWASA will also be conducting public consultations on these draft national standards in all four regions of the country. This exercise seeks to get members of the public to comment on the standards before they are declared as national standards. The venues and dates are as follows:









Matsapha Town Council




National Library




Country Club




Siteki Hotel



Big Bend

Country Club




Manzini Municipal Council



Piggs Peak

Red Cross




National Library

All comments may be submitted to SWASA information centre or e-mailed or faxed or posted to the details given below:


The Technical Manager

Swaziland Standards Authority

Tel: +268 518 4633            Fax: +268 518 4526          Cell: +268 7602 7919

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments should indicate the clause, table, paragraph and the suggested alteration.

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