Core Values

a) Transparency and accountability – Even though SWASA may hold its staff to confidentiality as spelt out in the SWASA code of ethics, the SWASA clients are entitled to full information with regard to work that they have entrusted to SWASA. The organization has to have clear operational guidelines that will clearly outline the aims and objectives of SWASA.

b) Professionalism – The staff of SWASA shall display professional conduct at all times both to their colleagues and to SWASA stakeholders. The SWASA staff must work according to the international best practice codes of standardization as observed by ISO and other standards-setting organizations.

c) Market and Customer Focus – SWASA is not a profit-making organization but more inclined to what is termed the “for the good of the nation” service provider. The service culture at SWASA shall be such that the customer or client needs are put first to the extent that the SWASA resources can best allow delivery.

d) Competence – SWASA shall ensure that the staff are sufficiently trained and supported to be competent to deliver on their expected key performance areas. It is understood that the business of SWASA is continually evolving in response to the dynamism of global trade.

e) Credibility and Integrity – SWASA staff shall work honestly in order to earn the trust of their colleague and all the SWASA stakeholders. This point becomes important where the staff member has to issue a critical report or has to carry out an inspection. The SWASA certification mark and any other seal that SWASA issues must raise the value of the business or commodity issued to or for it.

f) Efficiency- The service that will be delivered by SWASA must be reliable and timely. This includes inquiries and the time to market for any standards that is needed by the economy of Swaziland. This will be ensured by having a correctly skilled staff, liquidity and adequate operational facilities.

g) Employee Development- SWASA shall position itself to effectively identify and capitalize on opportunities of growth that avail themselves as SWASA interacts with her business partners.

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